Join Us for Our Upcoming Driving For Hope Events in LA and Virginia Beach!

Driving for Hope CT3 Chris Taylor Topgolf Virginia Beach event

Join us at TopGolf Virginia Beach VA on November 27, 2022 and TopGolf El Segundo CA on January 12, 2023 for the Driving for Hope charity tournament presented by Chris Taylor of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The events will be an afternoon of golf, food, drinks, entertainment, and celebrity auction items as well as musical performances by special guests to be announced.

Our last event raised over $100K with all proceeds benefitting Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters and Roc Solid Foundation in support of the fight against pediatric cancer.

Chris Taylor - Stand Up for Cancer
Chris Taylor, a native of Virginia Beach and current MLB player, has a passion for helping kids with cancer…

A few years ago a group of my closest childhood friends from Virginia Beach flew out to Houston to watch me play in the 2017 World Series against the Houston Astros. One of those friends was Kyle Profilet. I didn’t know it yet, but Kyle had recently been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer in his right leg. He said he didn’t want to tell me about it while I was playing in the postseason. Kyle never wanted anyone’s sympathy. Throughout his 2 and a half year battle, he repeatedly spared me and our friends the constant exacerbating news from the doctors. News that the chemo treatments were not working. News that he was going to lose his right leg. News that the cancer had spread to his lungs, and then to his brain. Despite it all, Kyle never lost hope. He was the toughest guy I’ve ever known and he fought til the very end.

Five years ago, I had never heard of sarcoma. Now, it has affected my life on many different levels. Last year, I had to watch my girlfriend get the same phone call I had received just a year earlier. I knew right away. Mary’s childhood friend, Brian, had also lost his fight with sarcoma. As she was sobbing in my arms, I couldn’t fathom how this seemingly “rare” disease constantly kept crawling back into my life. My neighbor and friend, Dalton Fox, recently served as an inspiration in his own right as he battled Ewing sarcoma. Dalton lived on the same street as my parents and like Kyle, also lost his leg in his fight. My parents would always see Dalton riding his arm bike in the neighborhood wearing his Dodgers gear with a big smile on his face. Even though we lost Kyle, Dalton and many others, there are still so many kids that can be saved from this devastating disease. Maybe it’s not sarcoma, but some form of cancer has had an impact on all of us. I’m determined to not let anyone else go through this fight alone. Together, we can save lives.